Monday, September 14, 2009

All About Conner

Conner just completed his first big school project this weekend. It was an "All About Me" poster. The assignment was actually a family assignment, for parents and kids to work together on. We worked and worked and worked and worked on this -- often when you do your best to let the kids do as much of it by themselves as possible, things end of taking f--o--r--e--v--e--r!!

But we made it! Conner helped with the plan/design/layout, he chose the posterboard, he chose how far out to extend the family tree, chose pictures of his family off of facebook, drew and colored the tree, cut out the pictures, drew himself, came up with all of the facts on the page from the "All About Me" book that he is holding in the picture, helped with the gluing. He really worked very hard on this poster!

At one point, it was about as much a "family project" as you can get -- Conner was cutting out photos, Micah was cutting his scraps into teeny tiny pieces, and Joisah was under the table eating all of those teeny tiny pieces. (Their "help" is another reason that this project ate up so much of our weekend! :)

But finally, it's done, he's taken it to school, and we are both proud for him and relieved!

(And a description of the poster, since you really can't see the details well:

There is a self-portrait of Conner, holding a book entitled "All About Me."

There is a magnified page out of that book:

"My whole name is Conner Allan Wells.
My birthday is August 24, 2003. I am six years old.
I like dolphins.
I like Pokemon.
My hair is brown and my eyes are blue.
My favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
My dog's name is Chicory.
I have bunk beds.
I like to read Magic TreeHouse books.
I used to live in Louisiana. I saw alligators there.
I like to eat at McDonald's, Burger King, and Peter Piper Pizza.
I have a real treehouse at BooBoo and Yogi's house."

Conner's dog, Chicory is sitting next to him.

They are standing under Conner's family tree -- Mom, Dad, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin. After this photo was taken, he also added Jesus. Jesus was the very last addition, because we were trying to find the very most perfect spot for him. Conner decided that in the family tree was best, because he loves Jesus so much. No, there is absolutely no order in the family tree. That is where Conner chose to put everyone!
At the bottom of the poster is a timeline, with a picture of Conner at each of his birthdays, including his actual "birth" day. Each is labeled with the town/state he was living in at the time. It says above the timeline that he has lived in six different houses -- one birthday at five of the houses, and two at only one of the houses.)
Proud of you, Conner Bug!

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Lee and Michelle said...

How awsome that Jesus is part of Conner's family tree!

Gammie said...

Great job Conner-bug!!
missyouallbunchesandbunches, me

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

How cute that he added Jesus. Melts my heart. And high five to you, Mom, for being so patient while the whole family "helped".

Bonnie said...