Friday, September 11, 2009

Tying it All Together

Today was a big day in the home of the Wellsbrothers.

For quite a while now, we've been trying to teach Conner to tie his shoes. And honestly, he just hasn't been that interested. He'd humor us for a few minutes, but he just didn't care enough to put in the time and practice that it was going to take.

Until he started school. Suddenly, tying his own shoes became a very big deal, something that Conner really wanted to learn to do. So we've been practicing every night for the past three weeks... ...and after a very successful night last night, he was ready to go solo this morning. And he did it! All of it, all by himself! I don't know who's more excited, me or Conner! :)
The other day, a sweet friend have given each of the boys $5 to spend, and we decided that we couldn't think of anything better for them to do with it than to celebrate with ice cream at Braum's tonight. It was something fun to look forward to all day. And man, oh man, was it worth it!And another milestone tonight: For most of the past year, Bret's been investing in a group of, as he would say it, his "skeptical not yet Christian friends." Many of these folks have told him that they have no use for the Christian God, Christians, or certainly the Christian church. Last week a couple of these friend joined us for a frontyard bbq. Tonight a couple more of them joined us for ice cream at Braum's. We continue to learn that we do not have to have special events or worship services to invite these people to. We really don't have to do anything differently at all. Simply inviting them to live life with us -- to eat ice cream in celebration of a little milestone in a kid's life -- is a perfect way to further connect with these "sojourners" (as seekers are called in The Tangible Kingdom). We contuine to learn to tie all of these things together, to be Christ to our neighbors and those we come in contact with!

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Amber said...

Congratulations to Connor! Tying your own shoes is a major accomplishment (spoken from a former kindergarten teacher), definitely worth the trip to Braum's (I LOVE their ice cream, grew up with it and miss it now). Thanks also for the simple reminder to live as Christ would for our neighbors and invite them along on our journey. (Glad you're back to blogging, I've missed hearing the stories of the Wellsbrothers.)

Bonnie said...

Oh, so proud of that Conner-Bug! The face, again, tells it all! I'm assuming he wore his tie shoes to school yesterday, too? I know his teacher is glad to have another shoe-tying "friend" to help out!
So thankful for the tenderizing hearts that have been marinating...So thankful for you who have been so patient...our prayers will continue to go up to the Master Chef for His work through you in His kitchen!!

Anonymous said...

why does it seem like when we meet someonw all we can focus on is how we are different? Once you start spending enough time with someone, you usually start finding the similarities and can then build a relationship. It sounds like you and Bret have gotten the sojourners or skeptical not yet christian friends to start finding out that they have similarities with you - congratulations.

Lee and Michelle said...

Yeah Conner! How proud you must feel after trying so hard at something and then "wah-la". You did it!!!

Your family is so cool to hang with I'm glad you're making new friends of all kinds.