Sunday, September 20, 2009

August Memories

Micah's "One-Eye Trick." I don't care who you are, that's funny stuff!Shelling black-eyed peas with BooBoo and Yogi. Yogi claimed he was making them work like pilgrim children. (This was after the pilgrim children quote referenced below.) Micah and his friend, Caden, eating popsicles. Cute.
Mmmm...a Wellsbrothers favorite, spaghetti for dinner!Micah said, "Mom, when I need to wipe my mouth, I just use my sleeve."
Silly, silly Daddy.
Promotion Sunday at CJ - we honored our kiddos that were moving out of the preschool class and into the elementary class. I love that Conner is so excited that his certificate is a blur, and one of the other ones is upside down. :)
Joey ate another marker...
Joey got ahold of Poppy's hat. He loves hats -- unless you're trying to get him to wear one.
A visit to Gammie's house -- all the cousins playing together!
The Wellsbrothers love to play in the dirt!
Micah got a little jealous of all the birthday attention Conner was getting... When Micah is tired, Micah goes to sleep -- wherever he is, whatever he is doing!Eating with "chopsticks."
At the Church Planters Retreat, the rooms were "hotel-style," with three beds lying straight across the room. The boys couldn't help but play Leapfrog.
We also got to play on the beach of Lake Texoma while we were there.
Some Quotes to Remember:
While sitting at the table coloring pictures, Conner randomly said, "Mom, you're making us work like pilgrim children!"

Going through Conner's closet the other day, trying to see if there were any pants in there that still fit him: "Mom, I don't think these fit."
Me: "I don't either."
Conner: "Yeah, they're way too long."
Me: "Babe, these are pants, not shorts."
Conner: "Oh. Yeah, I guess they are too short."

Me: "Guys, what movie do you want to watch. You have to agree."
Conner: "I'm thinking."
Micah: "But Conner, we don't have that movie."

At the playground at Chick-fil-A - Micah: "Mom, that girl is a bad guy and she won't stop killing me."
Me: "Well, it sounds like you need something cool to get her, like a fireball or something."
Micah: "Oh yeah. I know. I will get a force field with lava inside."
I don't guess he quite understands what a force field is... :)

During the Kids' Sermon at a Sunday morning worship gathering - Teacher: "Do you guys know what the word 'valuable' means?"
Conner: "I do! It means that it's breakable."

For reasons that we just can't quite figure out, Josiah has stopped calling me Mommy, and begun to call me, "Mah-min." I don't know, it's kind of weird... :)

After a little squabble, Conner announced that Micah was fired. Micah angrily retorted: "I'm not fired because I'm not burning."
Conner: "Being fired doesn't mean that you're on fire. It means that you've lost your job."
Micah: "But I did not lose my job. My job is in my pocket."

"So Conner, what did you learn at school today?"
"Well, I learned to eat my lunch faster, that's for sure!"
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Steve said...

Great update! It's been great getting to know the Well's family over the past year or so. I can't wait to see what's in store for September:)

Gammie said...

We have been waiting for these and as always...we were not disappointed!
Micah asleep on the chair looks just like some little boy from looong years ago!
thank you, thank you, thank you for the post!

gg , 1 0000000000120 jjh,m.
(that is hi in kaleb typing)

Lydia said...

i love it love it love it love it. you guys are the best.

Bonnie said...

super! I'm particularly fond of the "You're fired!" one...
Since I'm going backwards and just got through reading about Meemaw, just gotta say she would enjoy this, too. She would always quote the quotes weeks and months later...
Love you, girl!