Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Micah's First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Micah's first day of preschool. And man, oh man, was he excited! He's gone to preschool before -- back when we were in Louisiana and he was one. He got to go to his own class while I taught in a classroom with four-year-olds. But he skipped last year, and no surprise, he doesn't remember Mrs. Sue-Sue's class.

So as far as Micah was concerned, yesterday was his very first day of school ever. He's been getting up early and walking Conner in with me, and seen and heard about all the cool things that Conner has gotten to do, and seen the playground that Conner got to play on...and now it was fnally Micah's turn!!

At Meet the Teacher last week, he did great. He got to play with the blocks in his classroom, and got to give Mrs. Summer a hug. When we got home that night, he told me that he really needed to go back to Mrs. Summer's class tomorrow because he hadn't learned anything yet. :) From Thursday night to Tuesday morning seemed like forever!

Luckily, Mrs. Summer had asked us to bring an apple with us on the first day of school. So one day just Micah and Mommy went to the grocery store, and Micah got to pick out his very own apple, and pay for it all by himself. He was so excited, and so very proud of that little Golden Delicious!

Then Tuesday morning finally came. We got everyone up, fed, dressed, shoes on, teeth brushed, hair spiked, backpacks on -- that goes so much more quickly and easily when they're excited! Then Micah stuffed Softie down in the bottom of his backpack (we've been talking about Softie coming to Mrs. Summer's class, but really needing to stay in his backpack), got his apple out of the fridge and we were off.

I love that picture. The excitement on his face says it all.

When we got to Micah's classroom, we found the cubby with his name on it, put his folder and backpack away, and found his seat. There was a cup of goldfish and some playdough there waiting for him. Micah got right to work, and was too busy to even look up at me to tell me bye. A little sad -- but really, all in all it was a good thing. There were absolutely no tears, and that's the way we want it!
Noon rolled around, and Joey and I set off to pick up our Micah Moo. We had really enjoyed the morning of just the two of us, but Joey was really ready to get one of his playmates back! (Honestly though, noon rolled around a little too quickly for I've-only-got-one-kid-with-me-this-morning-to-do-list had been a little too agressive! :)

Micah was sitting at his desk waiting for us, and when Mrs. Summer called his name, he kind of slowly stood up, and as he started walking toward us his face started contorting, and the tears were quickly on their way. "Oh my goodness," I thought. "I really hope those are I-had-such-a-good-time-today-but-I'm-really-tired-and-I-missed-you-Mom tears." I hadn't been expecting any tears at all. Then Mrs. Summer said, "Micah, don't forget your candy. Come over here and get it!" Man, oh man, that face quickly did an about-face, and he went running to Mrs. Summer to claim his candy. The little stinker hadn't missed me at all -- he was just worried that he wasn't going to get his candy!

The first thing Micah did when we got to the van was ask for Softie. Apparently Softie had stayed in his backpack all day! I was pleasantly surprised and pleased -- I knew that he could do it, and was kind of hoping that this preschool thing would serve as an important step in the weaning of Softie. Softie is an I'm sleepy/bored/uncomfortable thing, and the fact that Micah didn't need him all morning meant that his morning was fun, exciting, and jam-packed -- everything that I had been hoping for!

The report I got from him was that he had "gwayed on the gwaygwound," and "did you you know that apple have stars in them?!" Anxious to learn anything and everything I could about his day, I eagerly dug into his backpack. I found the cutest little "My Apple Book." Apparently Micah is 14 apples long, he found three seeds in his apple, and he was one of the few that had a yellow apple instead of a red one.
What a perfectly wonderful first day of preschool. We feel really good about Mrs. Summer, are looking forward to spending this year with her. Can't wait 'til Thursday!

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Bonnie said...

I, too, love that picture! What a wonderfully, perfect "first" day of school for both Micah and you!
Thanks for sharing!

Gammie said...

Yay Micah moo!!! We are so proud of you! I can't wait to hear what all you learn in "school". And Yay for Joey! Mommy all to yourself-wow! Such excitement going on up there :)
Conner bug, hope you are still loving your big boy school!

Gammie said...

p.s. Rach-thank you, thank you, thank you for posting about this very exciting time!!!! We have missed the daily blog:(