Monday, September 28, 2009


A few days ago, Micah and Conner were talking about a list on the refrigerator. We overheard Micah say, "Look at the list, Conner."

Conner responded with something equivalent to, "Yeah, whatever Micah."

But then Micah said, "No, Conner. The lllist."

"Yeah, Micah. I know."

"The lllllllist, Conner. The lllllllist."

At that point, Bret and I finally started picking up on what was going on. Micah was pronouncing the "l" correctly. It was a list, and not a wist -- and he wanted his big brother to notice and be proud.

Well, Mom and Dad certainly weren't going to wait for that to happen. We jumped all over it, and Micah of course, was so proud of himself I really thought he might bust.

Since then, we've come up with all kinds of words that Micah can say correctly now. It's still pretty hard work to get that tongue just right...

...and he still needs lots of reminding. More than anything it's a habit that we're trying to break here. But once he remembers, he's usually very excited to say as many "l words" as he can. Some of his favorites are "b-llllue," "Lllll-ouisiana," "p-llllease," and "I llllove you."

Micah Moo Moo, we're so proud of you. I just can't believe how big you're getting, and am a little bit sad that your cute little toddler-speak is disappering before my eyes. I lllllove you, Bub!

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Gammie said...

Congrats Moo-moo! We llllove you bunches and are sooooo proud for you!
but my heart does break a little knowing that this just means he is growing up just as fast as Conner-bug:(

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Ahhhh! It's so fun when they finally get those sounds right, but it hurts a little at the same time as another "stage" is disappearing. Sigh...

Bonnie said...

Wow! So proud of you Micah! And you figured it out by yourself...too cool! What a man!
Lllllove to you!