Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ira and Kelley Spies

My brother, Ira, got married yesterday!! We've been praying for a long time for the right girl to come along...and well, now that we have Kelley, I can honestly say she's much more wonderful than we ever could have imagined!

I know some of you have been waiting on the edges of your seats to hear the crazy antics of the wellsbrothers...especially since Uncle Adam and Aunt Caroline's wedding a couple of years ago. But, I can honestly and proudly say - they were absolutely wonderful. This was an outdoor wedding in the most beautiful "backyard garden" I've ever seen:It was hot, there was a waterfall, there was mud, there were flowers, there was a pond, there were ducks, there were streams, there were rocks...I could go on. But my boys were as good as anyone could expect three little boys to be. That means that this blog post won't be nearly as interesting as Mr. Destructo and Captain Inferno...but that's okay. It's still my record of a family wedding. :)

The wedding was a little bit nontraditional - there was no wedding party, no little ring bearers or anything. (And honestly, after our last wedding fiasco at Uncle Adam and Aunt Caroline's , I was a little relieved!) So Bret, being the preacher-man, had to go to the rehearsal, but the wellsbrothers and I didn't. Instead we took full advantage of our hotel's facilities and went swimming! :)

It was the first swim of the season - they've been begging me for weeks now. And I knew they'd be cold, but we jumped in anyway.

Finally, they got too cold. Conner got out and tried to get warm by cuddling under a towel,

and Josiah just tried "relaxing" in the sun.

Then after a snack and hot showers to warm everyone up, we were off to the rehearsal dinner. And like I said, they were so good! Dinner started at 7:30 - past our regular bedtime. But they ate their fajitas, Micah kept saying, "Mom, this meat is delicious!", Conner was perfectly happy running around talking to anyone and everyone who would listen, and Josiah sat in BooBoo's lap and cuddled, desperately trying to stay awake.

And Kelley and Ira - absolutely giddy and literally bouncing with excitement and anticipation. Too, too cute. :)

The wedding was on Saturday afternoon. It was cloudy and breezy and cool all morning, but by 2:30 it was hot. Like drenched in sweat and sunburned by the time it was all over, H.O.T. I got an umbrella for shade, but since we were on the first two rows reserved for family, I was worried about folks behind us being able to see. So I made an umbrella tent on the ground. Micah spent the entire wedding sitting in it, coloring. Joey moved back and forth between my lap and the umbrella tent, whining a little bit because he was hot, "Mom, I just want to go home and get warm," :) but really, it wasn't too bad. Conner stayed in the row behind me, hanging out with Cousin Christian and the rest of the Conner family.

The ceremony was picture-perfect - on a green lawn in front of neat rows of white chairs, beneath a beautiful tree. Kelley was absolutely glowing. Ira was trying to be a little more subdued, but there was a very familiar, gleeful twinkle in his eye the entire time. :)

After the ceremony, we took a few family pictures, and all sought the relief of the shade in the garden. Everything was beautifully decorated with Kelley's very unique, vintage style. I loved this little display of pictures of Kelley's and Ira's parents and grandparents as young couples:We visited with family,took turns holding babies (Bonnie was so hot, her Mommy decided to just take her clothes off),did our best to get pictures of all five grandkids in coordinating outfits, (sometimes the "behind-the-scenes-trying-to-get-the-smiles shots are the best - thanks, Dad!)
Josiah did a little dancing,
the boys played "animal card hide-and-seek,"and Conner found the perfect hiding place for a card - look on Josiah's head. ;)and then I think Conner might have played on everyone's phone.But not all of the kids stayed out of the mud - Griffin discovered the joy of having your toes in the wonderfully cool mud...and wiping it all over his mommy's legs. He's just adorable.And all too soon it was time for the blushing bride and grinning groom to be on their way. We pelted them with birdseed,the guys found Ira's jeep unlocked and relentlessly decorated his jeep with his underwear (and if you look closely at Kelley's face as she discovered them, a few choice phrases on the windows),Yogi found quarters in the kids' ears,and it was time to call it a day.

Congratulations to Ira and Kelley! I'm so excited for you that...well...I feel congratulations are in order for myself, too! :)

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Lee, Michelle, Cooper 4 and Allie 3 said...

Just love the memories of family weddings! I always sigh a good sign when I too have been blessed with extra good behaving kids on a particular important day too. Yeah!!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh, wow! What a nice memory! I really didn't know some of those things with my pre-occupied brain...I don't even remember cuddlin' with Josiah at the rehearsal dinner... Thanks for your perspective of such a wonderful event!! Love you so much and hope that blogging can again become a part of your life...I know that, bitter-sweet as it was, you enjoyed that daily phase of your life!!