Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We caught some tadpoles a few days ago, and have been watching them swim around and grow. We caught a few that already had back legs, and a few have begun growing their back legs since we've had them.

Last year all of our little guys died. So we kept only six this year, and put them in a bowl with a couple of rocks and lot of green mossy stuff from the creek. And put the bowl in the sun. And aerated the water for a few hours every day. Then we noticed on Saturday that one of our little guys had front legs!

...and then this morning, he was sitting up on the rock! How exciting!!!! It was so cool to watch. When we first saw him he still had his full tail, which surprised me. But then as he sat there throughout the day, the tail got smaller and smaller...

...until by the end of the day he looked like this:

Yay!!! One of our babies is all grown up!!! How very exciting to witness this little metamorphosis!!! We're pretty proud of ourselves. ;) Can't wait for the rest of them to grow up...but for now we need to go let this little guy go...
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