Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We, along with a good portion of the DFW metroplex, had a pretty scary afternoon. Right after preschool was out, my director came running up the stairs, saying that the meeting we had planned needed to be short and sweet, because I needed to get home before the storm came. A few minutes after that, Bret started calling and texting that I needed to get home. A few minutes after that, I got a call from the city regarding the bad weather. And a few minutes after that, we ended up downstairs in "duck and cover" position because a tornado had been spotted. We stayed that way for around thirty minutes - in a hallway with several dozen crying preschoolers who had been drug out of their naps - and Josiah actually fell asleep!

We found out later that the tornado had touched down in Joshua, and the funnel cloud had traveled right over the street our preschool is on. This picture was taken from somewhere on our street.

Then we headed home...and about the time we got all of our things into the house, we started getting the calls again. And since a mobile home isn't exactly the best place to be during a tornadic storm, we headed over to Mr. Ron's and Mrs. Debbie's. We found out later that the funnel cloud had produced another tornado a few miles from our house. This is a picture taken from the high school near us.

We didn't have any damage...but a lot of people in the metroplex were left homeless. One of the craziest images from this storm is a video of trailers being thrown around in the wind, movie-style.

Thank you, Lord for keeping us safe. And thank you Lord, for the rain!

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