Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Flirt

Since we've been doing Runner's Club, Josiah has gotten to know a lot of the older kids. They may not know his name, but everyone knows now that he's Conner and Micah Wells' little brother. When he's not causing a scene with his antics on the swings, he's running around the track, goofing off and holding his own.

There's one little girl that he's always called "That Mean Girl." I still don't know if she's ever actually been mean to him - or if he just translates her non-eagerness to talk to him as being mean ;) - but for whatever reason she's "That Mean Guhl." I finally told him that he needs to stop calling her that. When he told me that he couldn't because he didn't know her name, I told him that he needed to ask her.

Well...I guess he did...because this is what Josiah and "That Mean Guhl" did for about two miles today...

Oh my...what are we going to do when he actually figures out how to call girls by their names and use that grin and those eyelashes to charm??
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