Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

I found this idea on how to dye Easter eggs with Kool-Aid on pinterest - Kool-eggs! I'm not real sure why this appealed to me so much. It's not like it's really any easier than the kits you buy. And it might be a little cheaper, but not much. I just thought it sounded like fun.

So I boiled our eggs and we got all of our stuff together.

The first (most important!) order of business was to choose the flavor of Kool-Aid that would serve the job of quenching our thirst while we worked. ;) Lemon-lime, it is!

Then we poured the powder into our cups. (Mmmmm, it smelled oh, so wonderfully fruity in the kitchen!) Then we added a little water, no need for vinegar! (Yes, Conner is reading his "Bird Bible" while he's mixing. He's been into bird watching lately, and had been outside looking. :)

Then everyone chose a color and dunked their eggs. We counted to 30 together...

...and wa-lah! It worked! (Josiah was quite impressed!)

That first time was done nice and beautifully, everyone together. After that it was a little chaotic. Three kids counting aloud to 30, all at different speeds and times, one still needing a little help...two spills...a few little know, projects with three kids. ;) I took a little bit of video to hear all of the counting, but you can barely hear Conner, and I don't think you can hear Micah at all. (Probably because he had decided to do all of his counting under the table.)

After a little while we got brave and tried making a few designs. (Conner was just trying to make a "half-and-half" egg, but his fingerprints ended up making polka dots. Very cool!)

And a little while after that, we decided we should eat a few. Micah loves boiled eggs!!!

About the only drawback with our method was that we didn't have a little dunker-thing. (Which the kids haven't really used in the past, anyway.) The Kool-Aid did a pretty good job of dying those little hands, too. They thought it was awesome.

Then almost immediately, they grabbed about half of their eggs (I claimed the other half to make deviled eggs), and went outside to take turns hiding them and have a "practice egg hunt."

Love those boys! What a great Easter weekend we're having so far!
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Bonnie said...

I guess that's the organic form of egg dying?? The video where Conner is taking a sip of his drink during the middle of his counting is cute. ...and counting to 100? I guess if counting to 30 achieved good results, counting to 100 would produce excellent results! Love those little guys, too, and their parents!