Thursday, April 5, 2012

Josiah's Eastuh Potty

Today was "Eastuh potty" day at preschool! We started our day off taking bunny ear pictures. The kids always think that is hilarious. :)

Then we finished up the Easter baskets we'd been working on - Josiah decorated, cut out, and glued his eggs all by himself!

When it was party time, we went downstairs to play games with another class.

When it was Josiah's turn to play "Bunny, Bunny, Where's Your Carrot," he was quite animated. It was fun to watch him!

Then we played hit-the-egg-with-a-wooden-spoon-across-the-floor-and-around-a-cone-and-back. A little random, but the kids loved it.

We topped it off with punch, cupcakes, and cookies.

What a fun day!! post signature

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