Sunday, April 8, 2012


In addition to our Kool Aid eggs, we decided to try another new Easter project. I saw on Pinterest where somebody grew real grass in their kids' Easter baskets. It looked really cool and didn't sound too hard - I thought we'd I've it a try!

The instructions said that if you plant the grass two weeks before Easter, it should be just right for the Easter Bunny. We planted a couple of days earlier than that, just to be safe. Well...apparently it wasn't early enough. I mean, up (really) close it didn't look too bad...

But in reality, despite our best efforts, the Easter Bunny had to lay his eggs on dirt. We were really bummed.

Micah wanted to make sure the Easter Bunny knew we still loved him though. He left a couple of candy bars for him, and a sweet little picture.

Apparently the Easter Bunny accepted our apologies. He left a few goodies, including a new movie - Chipwrecked!

After a while, according to recent tradition we headed on to the Robey's for lunch and an egg hunt. BooBoo's individual fruit pizzas were a hit!

We were thrilled that Bonnie and Griffin are old enough to join us for the egg hunt this year!

Griffin was pretty excited about it, too! :)

We couldn't resist a few Wellsbrothers and cousins pics on Bubba and Uncle Chris' cool porch rocking chairs...

And then we wrapped it all up with Micah's catching his first butterfly of the season. He was quite proud. :)

...and would you believe, that after an afternoon rain our grass looked like this before we went to bed tonight?!

PS - and like this by Monday afternoon?? I guess we were just a day or two off. Making notes to try again next year...

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Bonnie said...

That grass-growing was ka-ra-zee! What a neat idea, though. Fun stuff even if it wasn't timed exactly right.
Love your little videos!!