Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My goodness. Spring has definitely sprung around here! These boys have been in heaven enjoying the outdoors...and so have I. :)

We've been on the lookout, and noticed folks in the creek at the park. We went to check it out, and sure enough - the tadpoles are out! Time for our 3rd annual tadpole-catching extravaganza!

Bret got to come with us this year for the first time. The boys, who are pros at this by now, showed him just what to do. We had so much fun! And everyone is so self-sufficient these days, I actually got to get some pretty good pictures and video this year.

Conner started off using a cup, but ended up preferring just his hands.


Micah started off with a rather spastic (but entertaining!) sneak-attack, then calmed it down a little and started catching a lot of tadpoles. But always up for a challenge (and not to be outdone by his big brother!), he eventually gave up on the cup completely and started using just his hands, too.

Josiah just caught them with his cup...and was actually pretty good at it!


...and Bret got the hang of it, too.

Eventually we kind of started attracting a crowd. And some of them went and found their own cups. And we taught them how to catch the tadpoles. And even talked a few of them into taking them some home after we told them about our luck with getting them to turn into frogs last year.

I was prepared to take 6 or 8 home again, just like last year. But Bret had other plans...and we ended up with 40 or 50. Now they're in an old fish tank with lots of rocks and green mossy stuff, a tiki statue to swim around ;) and their very own aerator.

We'll see how it goes! Fun, fun, fun. :)

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