Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break: Thursday

We did some birdwatching (and since we couldn't find any binoculars, we used a gun scope! :).

Then we went to the orthodontist, where Conner was finally able to be fitted with his bottom expanders. (Thank goodness the third try worked - after 4 visits in about 3 weeks, we're happy that we're not scheduled to go back for the springs to be turned until May!)

Everyone got "OrthoBucks," and thought very hard before we bought our prizes.

Then we rode bikes...

...and went to Yogi and BooBoo's! There we got busy playing hide-and-seek,

catching bugs,

playing at the park,

walking down the River Walk,


(...and Conner got ahold of the camera...)

playing Tickle Monster with Yogi,

and playing Bolo Ball.
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Bonnie said...

Love, love, love your chronology of the day! Super way to preserve and look at pictures! Thanks for spending some of your Spring Break with us!