Monday, March 5, 2012

The Orthodontist.

It's happened. We've officially begun the orthodontic portion of our parenting journey. Conner's fairly severe overbite is messing up his jaw alignment, his mouth is very narrow, and there's just not enough room for his permanent teeth. We've been told by more than one dental health professional that a "Rescue Phase" of braces is necessary - otherwise some of those permanent teeth will have to be pulled. Yikes!

So...he's had spacers for a week. The top expander (and an appliance called a "thumb habit" - shhhh!) were put in today. The bottom expander will be put in next week. And in a couple of months, when the roots of his two front permanent teeth are completely developed, he'll get partial braces to help guide those teeth as the expanders widen his bite. We should be done in 12-18 months...and may or may not need a second set of braces when all the permanent teeth are in. Here's our before picture...

He was so funny today as they were putting everything in. He just couldn't stop looking in the mirror!

And here's all the hardware so far:

He came home with a whole tool kit of things to use to keep his hardware clean, and did a great job with it tonight! (Sorry about the toothpaste splatter on the doesn't matter how many times I clean it, they're there again within a few hours... ;)

...but the best part of the whole thing (according to the boys, anyway!) is the video game-filled waiting room!

Stay tuned for more updates. We're told his teeth will look great by the time this phase is done! :)
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Bonnie said...

Oh, wow! The hardware looks great...and I'm super impressed with the cleanliness of the inside of Conner's nostrils! :)

Darby McClintock said...

More than the fact that you have a an amazingly adorable kid, he is equally lucky to have you as his parent who cares so much about him that you take so much time and energy for his ortho appointments. I wish I can do the same level of effort to bring my kid to his arlington dentist but sadly I just don't have the luxury of time.

Jonathann Doherty said...

As a kid, it’s necessary for them to have lots of spaces in between their teeth which are normally caused by excessive thumb sucking. I remember when my daughter had the same issue with your son, I thought she has to undergo operation, lucky enough our family dentist just advise us that she only need to have braces until she reaches the age of 15.