Friday, March 9, 2012

Open House

At Open House at our school, the kindergarten teachers encourage you to let your "kinder kid" be your tour guide. Conner got to do it when he was in kindergarten, and even though we know the school much better now, Micah got to do the honors tonight!

Our first stop was to see the Cityscape that Micah made in art. He wanted us to guess which one was his, and he fooled us! It was those red roads going into the sky...I'd never seen him draw anything like that. (And honestly, I still don't understand exactly what they are or what they mean - but he was sure about them and proud of them. And that's what matters!)

Then we got to see Micah's classroom. Mrs. Sullivan had all kinds of samples of his work laid out at his table. His writing journal stays at school, and I haven't seen him do much of it at home. I just ate up the opportunity to peek at it, and wished there was time to read every word. It is absolutely unbelievable how much that kid has learned and grown since August.

We stopped to look at the projects that he had on the wall outside his classroom, too - a dragon with a story, a frog that he drew half of, and a number project.

Then we were on to Conner's class. He showed us his Famous American project on Albert Einstein. This is something that we've been working on half-heartedly since October, but has been in full swing (as in ordering books from Amazon and conferences with teachers) for the past several weeks. He did a great job, learned a lot, and is particularly proud of the portrait that he drew.

Here's Conner at his desk - all clean and organized (which is something we've really been working on).

Mrs. Joy recorded each of her students reading their mammal report. I know the picture is kind of weird, but you get the idea. We were so proud - Conner did an excellent job of looking at the camera and making "eye contact" while he was reading. He wasn't coached to do this - Bret's ecstatic that we've got a natural public speaker on our hands!

While we were waiting for Conner's turn, birthday boy Josiah made himself comfortable with Mrs. Joy's tiger. He fell in love with that thing at Meet the Teacher, and cuddles with it every chance he gets!

We were also greatly entertained by some of the fill-in-the-blank proverbs that Conner had written. (Such as "A woman's place is in the world," and "Blood is thicker than veins.")

Micah then took us to the library, where we did a little book fair shopping. And then we were off to our little tour guide's most anticipated stop: the garden. Kindergarten had planted snap dragons and lettuce, and one of their lettuce plants was still alive! :)

And then, after a quick little tour of the music and art rooms, we were headed home.

I told you boys earlier, but I'll tell you again - thank you for being such wonderfully sweet and smart kids so that we had so many exciting things to see tonight! We love to get to see what you do at school!

3-20 Update: Conner brought home a CD of his GLT video!

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Bonnie said...

Oh, my! You do have some great boys! I love Conner's report! You can tell that he practiced...His enunciation was great! Good job, all you WellsBrothers!! Your BooBoo and Yogi are also very proud of you!