Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We got some rain last night...and apparently our big mud puddle has been calling the boys' names. I didn't really intend for them to get into it this afternoon...but when it became apparent that I was either going to have to keep them in the house or be okay with a little mud, I tried to get them out of their school clothes (they've been hard on those pants, I'm trying to make them last until we're fully into shorts weather!) and keep the mess to just the hands and feet.

The boys did what I asked them to do, and the plan was great...until I realized that Micah was standing ankle-deep in mud with his tennis shoes on. His only school-appropriate pair of shoes. Ugggh. And tomorrow is picture day. Double ugggh. So I fussed at him a little bit for not using some common sense (but really - I was the one that had missed that one), and made him put on his crocs while I put the school shoes in the washing machine.

His crocs are too small and are hurting his feet (which was why he had chosen the tennis shoes in the first place), but he was sweet about it. And then, really it couldn't have been more than three minutes later, FedEx pulled up to deliver Micah's new crocs. What can I say - ya gotta laugh!

Micah did his best to cover the propane tank with mud balls...

...while Conner and Josiah made the coolest little mud pies.

I knew Micah's shoes would still be wet in the morning...but we realized that because he's gotten 21 AR points, tomorrow he gets to go without shoes at school all day except for at recess and PE. So we stuck a pair of dry socks in his backpack just in case they get too wet, and we should be good. We couldn't have planned it any better! :)

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Bonnie said...

Ahhh.... It's nice to read about mud (and the inherent reference to rain) today. It's been 106-108 the past few days and wind feels like a convection oven! (8-4-12).... But, yes, so glad those boys got to play in mud like it's intended to play in. I think God was smiling down on you all and enjoying the show!