Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Mud

We got a little more rain this morning...which means that when we got home from school, the mud puddle was still beckoning my boys. They just can. not. stay out of it. So even though I got really frustrated with them on Tuesday, (yes, I know the post sounds a little cheery...I however, was not at the time!), I just couldn't keep telling them no. I love that they like to play outside, I love that they like to get dirty, I love when I'm able to just let them be boys.

So I made sure that I had something easy that I could throw together for dinner, and confirmed that Bret didn't have any meetings and would be able to be home this evening. Then I told Micah and Josiah that they could play in the mud until it was time to go get Conner from Math Club - as long as they only got mud on their hands and their feet. Then we could just wash their hands and take off their shoes to go get Conner...and when we got home, we'd find some good playing-in-the-mud clothes, and they could get however dirty they wanted to get. That must have sounded good - they held up their end of the bargain great! :)

They had such a good time. The kind of fun that even makes those watching giddy - Mr. Ron and I laughed and laughed. And I got some (okay, lots of - sorry!) pretty good pictures:

...and I'm really into short little video clips right now... :)

I hope someday they'll remember that there actually were some days that I was a pretty cool mom...
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Rachel said...

love, love, LOVE it!! you are definitely a cool mom!! we are looking forward to the next muddy day...maybe we can join y'all! ;)

Bonnie said...

You ARE a totally cool mom! Reminds me of the time my brother and I went swimming in the mud in a plowed field. We got spankings. But, we did sneak off to do it and it wasn't even our plowed field. I guess we deserved it. So glad you shared these precious pictures and captured those wonderful squeals. And, I'm looking forward to the next muddy day, too...