Saturday, March 3, 2012


I've said it before, but I'll say it again: being Josiah's preschool teacher has presented us with all kind of interesting opportunities and challenges. One of my favorites that I'm doing my best to relish right now - because it will all too soon just become a memory - is a little role play script that Josiah has made up. For several months now we go through it at least once every day, and often (especially on school days - usually in the van on the way to school, and then again on the way home) even more than that.

It goes like this:
Josiah: "Mom, did you know that you're my teacher?"
Me: "Nooo...I can't be your mom and your teacher."
Josiah: "But you are. You're my mom and my teacher."
Me: "Nooo...I can't be both."
Josiah: "Yes you can."
Me: "I can??!!"
Josiah: "Yes!"
Me: "I'm your mom and your teacher?"
Josiah: "Yes!"
Me: "Wow, I'm so lucky!"
Josiah: "Yeah, you get to spend all day with me - at school and at home!"
(And if we're on our way to or at school, it starts with, "Teacher did you know that you're my mom?" You get the idea...)

The other day Mom brought Josiah to school for me (he had stayed with her so that I could go to Bret's oral defense), and she gave him money to take his teacher/mom out for ice cream. We played our little game a lot that day.

...and these are the faces the goober made when I asked him to smile:

Love, love, love it. Love, love, love that kid!

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Bonnie said...

Ahhh! That little guy brings smiles to a lot of faces! ...and at least that goofy face has a wink in it! You are a lucky mom/teacher!