Thursday, March 1, 2012

Karate Wrap-Up

Yesterday was Micah's last karate class. He's learned quite a bit during this last month of lessons...and had a lot of fun while he was at it! Besides the rolls and flips I had mentioned before, here's a couple more of his favorite things. He's gotten pretty good at a "back fist." (Which I think is a move that could be used as either a punch or a block.)

The kids all loved a game called "You Lose." Basically, two kids stand opposite one another, both holding onto a stick. If your feet move or if your side of the stick touches the ground, you lose. Then another kid comes and takes your place...until there's only one kid left standing. And yeah...Micah was really good at it. He seemed to have some instinctual strategy - I'm guessing one of the benefits of having two brothers. :)

"Micah-Man, have I told you lately that I'm proud of you?"
"Yeah, Mom. You tell me that, like all the time."
"I know. It's because I am." <3
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Bonnie said...

Yep! I'm proud of him, too! The middle child sometimes has a little trouble having self-confidence, but I think Micah's performances and your continued assurance of his good performances and actions have made that little man full of self-confidence. Good work Micah-man and good work Micah's mom and his Dr. Dad!