Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Josiah's Hot Biscuit Tree

One day last spring, my Mom came upon a sad little hibiscus tree that had been marked down to a little bit of nothing. She determined that the only thing wrong with it was that it needed some water. So she bought it and gave it to me.

Josiah loved this little tree and it's beautiful yellow flowers, and quickly adopted it as his own. It was his job to give it water every evening during the hot, hot summer. Between the heat and grasshoppers and a few mishaps with footballs, I'm really not sure how the little hibiscus made it through the summer...but it did! Then we moved it in the house for the winter, where Josiah continued to give it water, but with the craziness that is our house, I'm surprised that it made it...but it did! (Even though it really doesn't look too great...)

BooBoo knew that Josiah loves this little hibiscus tree. And she knew that it really, really needed to be repotted. So part of Josiah's birthday present was a big pot and some dirt for his little tree.

Well, this afternoon as I was telling Josiah that we were going to take care of his tree, he told me that he was really hungry for biscuits. Assuming he was talking about the biscuits we had for breakfast, I explained that they were all gone, but that I could make some more. He started crying - "But I want some biscuits from my hot biscuit tree." Hahahaha, that kid is too funny! (Yogi always calls hibiscus trees "hot biscuit" trees - I had no idea that Josiah had picked up on that! :)

I had to burst his bubble and explain that our hot biscuit tree didn't have any biscuits...but I could still make some for him. He was very disappointed, but finally agreed to that. So we baked them, fixed 'em up with jelly, and he brought them outside to eat with his tree.

He noticed that there was one yellow little leaf on the tree. He was very excited - that one must be about to turn into a biscuit! :) ...then he helped me get the new pot ready, dig the hot biscuit tree up, and move it.

You know those little white dots in potting soil? He was so excited that there were so many "biscuit seeds"!

He was cracking me up - I was texting Mom and Dad through the whole thing. Dad said that he's been looking for hot biscuits on those trees his whole life and has never found one. Well Yogi, here's picture-proof that the yellow leaves on hot biscuit trees turn into biscuits - Josiah is picking one for you! ;)

Oh my goodness Joey-Jo, I had so much fun with you today. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make my heart so full of joy it just might bust. I love being your mom. post signature


Bonnie said...

I can see how you couldn't even go to bed last night without preserving this story! It is an example of one (of the many) reason that it's hard to adequately describe the joys of motherhood!
...after seeing this, I'm thinking maybe I should have kept that tree for myself!!

Rachel said...

SUCH a precious moment!!! love it!!!