Friday, March 30, 2012


The bluebonnets are absolutely gorgeous this year. There are several patches on the road near our house, we just had to stop and take pictures. (Staying, of course, only in the areas that had been smashed by other photo sessions. :)

There were lots of bees, and the boys were very nervous. I encouraged them to just ignore the bees - they were much more interested in sweet smelling flowers than dirty boys! And then as we were leaving, they (actually, I think it was Micah first) noticed that the bees had red "balls" on their legs. And I was very impressed that they were able to figure out that it was the pollen that the bees had been collecting.

Dad likes to send text-message pictures to my "scientists" and "detectives" for them to investigate and figure out. So we sent a picture of a bee with red balls for him to figure out. The boys coached him well and gave him great hints - he eventually figured it out!

Loving this glorious spring we are having. Love my awesome boys! They teach me so much and are keeping my young and curious. :)
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Bonnie said...

Your pictures are great! And, yes, children help you notice again all the lovely nature and wonder in it that you've been neglecting for years. Thanks for keeping us in your loop and helping us keep attuned to all the beauty and its mysteries around us. God has made a glorious World! So thankful for those senses he gave us to enjoy it and a
mind to wonder....