Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue and Gold Banquet

Tonight we got to go the Cub Scout Pack 620 Blue and Gold Banquet. This basically an awards ceremony, celebrating the kids' accomplishments and advancement to the next level. Conner is advancing from the Wolves to the Bears. He's very excited!! They call the kids to the stage for a minute, and then their families come up and join them to pin their new badges on - so there wasn't much chance for a picture. Here's what I got:

One the formalities were over, we moved on to the more exciting part of the celebration. The night's theme was Hollywood, so the Cub Scouts got to make a grand entrance. They were struttin' their stuff, wearing sunglasses, and even got to walk down a red carpet!

Then it was dinnertime - lasagna and spaghetti!! I was excited because that's stuff the kids eat well, even if there's a lot going on. ...but then I just wanted to crawl under the table and hide when I looked up to see the Pack Master (who was serving as a master of ceremonies of sorts, organizing the food line and reminding people to bid for cakes in the silent auction) standing behind Conner saying, "Now that is the way to eat spaghetti, Conner Wells! Why don't you do that again for everyone else to see?!"

...and if that wasn't bad it was funny. And all the wellsbrothers like to be funny. We though we'd never get them to find their manners again!

When dinner was over, the kids got to play carnival games. They had remembered this part from last year, and couldn't wait! It was crazy - all three kids just went and played the games by themselves. None of them needed me or Bret to help them wait in line or play the games. The couple of times that Josiah did need something, one of his big brothers was there to help. I was a little sad ... but how wonderful! I think I might could get used to this. :)

Then the sunglasses started getting passed around. Everyone wanted a turn to be cool!

We even managed to get a family picture!

I have to include a picture of my cake - it sold for $47! Woohoo!
What a nice evening! Babies and toddlers bring all kinds of fun and joy...but as we've really come out of that and gotten into the grade-school stage, we're experiencing all kinds of new fun and joy. We're so proud of you, Conner! (Can't wait 'til you're a scout next year too, Micah!) post signature

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Bonnie said...

Love those boys! Proud of them all!

Beautiful cake! So glad you've got the Bundt cake issue figured out!