Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Weekend in Singleton

The 24th was Gammie's 50th birthday, the 27th was Kaleb's 3rd birthday, and the 29th was Poppy's 60th birthday. So we headed on down to Singleton yesterday after school!

To start things off, Micah apparently sucked on his gatorade bottle a little too hard at lunch yesterday...made him look like he was already growing a little upper lip fuzz.

Poppy still had some coconut cream pie left, but Gammie's cake was all gone. So we got her a new one. The boys saw a Hello Kitty cake at the bakery and insisted that it was perfect for her. :)

The blaze caused by Poppy's mass of 60 candles a couple of nights ago pretty much burned up his they each got only one candle this time. ;)

Josiah looooooves icing!

Then I snuck off to a back bedroom and began blowing up balloons with a helium tank that we had smuggled in. We were going for 50 + 60 = 110 balloons...but the kids found me around 30...and we needed to be done by the time I got to 35. :) That was okay though, it was still lots of balloons!

All the kids got a handful of balloons and "snuck" down the hall...

...ran into the living room to "surprise" Gammie and Poppy (who definitely weren't surprised at this point...

...and then we all started scrambling to turn off the ceiling fan that no one thought to turn off, before the balloons got tangled in it. (I'm so sorry...I still feel bad...)

As it turns out, only two or three balloons got tangled really bad...and Gammie and Poppy standing on the table getting them down provided more entertainment, anyway!

Then we gave Gammie and Poppy their gifts. We had helped the kids make books: "Fifty Reasons We Love Gammie," and "Sixty Reasons We Love Poppy."

Then Micah and Poppy chowed down on their traditional sardines before bedtime.

Saturday morning the boys played with Kaleb in his dirt pile.

Micah decided that he wanted to help Gammie decorate Kaleb's cake...

...until he heard that it was time to go out to the tank to shoot turtles. (They needed to be thinned out before the bass came in!) Then he abandoned the cake pretty quickly! But (as I hear it anyway, since I'm a girl and wasn't invited), after one shot Micah, Josiah, and Kaleb decided hat the gun was too loud and came back to the house after all. Conner, however, shot about five turtles and a wasp (!) on his own.

Not long after that, it was just about time for Kaleb's party to start. Aggie and Uncle Kevin were sweet enough to get the bounce house a little early so that we could have a little just-the-cousins bounce house fun!

Poor Birthday Boy Kaleb got poked in the eye earlier in the day, and was just miserable for most of his party. :(

Then as friends started getting there, the kids got to blow bubbles,

make new friends,

eat spaghetti,

and make lots of noise.

Kaleb got to open his presents,

and Micah was very proud to give him a painting he had created with all of his "real artist" supplies.

By the time it was all said and done, Mr. Josiah had jumped in the bounce house for about 4 1/2 hours (!), only stopping a few times for food.

Here's some of the bounce house fun!:
video video
Happy birthday, Gammie, Kaleb, and Poppy! Thanks for sharing your special days with us!

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