Saturday, March 10, 2012

28-4-1 Party!

Lil' Miss Bonnie's first birthday is on 3/13. And Aunt Jodi's is on 3/12. (The 12th was also MeeMaw's birthday.) And Josiah's was on 3/8. When there's that many birthdays that close together, and everyone lives within an hour or so of one another, ya just gotta have a big family birthday party! :) So we did - wasn't Jodi gracious to share Bonnie's 1st birthday??!!

Bonnie had cute little cupcakes - blackberry with lemon cream cheese icing, a customized Bonnie-flavor.

 I kind of forgot about making Josiah's cake until about 10pm last Bret went and picked up a "blank" birthday cake for me to draw another Shark Boy and Lava Girl on...but then Josiah decided he wanted to do it himself. :) 

 Jodi had an Italian Cream Cake. It was one of MeeMaw's favorites, and they shared one on their birthday every chance they got. This year, Mom put it in a vintage metal cake carrier that was my Nanny's (MeeMaw's mother, mine and Jodi's great-grandmother). Pretty cool.

Before we ate all those cakes though, Robert made us some hot dogs, and since it was cold and rainy there was a lot of karate going on.

...and then we had to settle down and make do with board games. :)

There were tons of presents.

I think the presents that were the biggest hit were Bonnie's real remote control (which Griffin really wanted!),

and the "air pillow" packing in one of Josiah's boxes.

Bonnie just couldn't get enough grape kool-aid.

There were lots of candles.

...and of course, lots of pictures of the cutest red-headed baby girl I know loving her icing. :)

Happy birthday, Aunt Jodi, Bonnie, and Josiah! Thanks for sharing your days with us! post signature

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Bonnie said...

Wonderful synopsis of a time when there was a WHOLE lot going on! Thanks!