Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Carnival

Tonight was the Winter Carnival fundraiser at our elementary school. I was assigned to help at the toilet paper toss booth. Since the boys are older now - 8, 6, and practically 4 - we felt like everyone might be old enough for us to see what would happen if we worked the booth as a family. And surprise, surprise, we seem to have turned a corner - it was great! They actually helped! And not the kind of "help" where it would really be easier if they weren't "helping." They really helped...and it was kind of pleasant! Although we didn't get a picture of it, Josiah was the best little toilet paper roll picker-upper. He had SO much fun...until he paid with some of tickets, actually did the toss, and won a bouncy ball. Then he was much too busy with that and Conner took over. :)

(Can you tell by Josiah's stance that he's pretty proud to be helping? :)

...and then I just didn't get many pictures. I guess we just got a few of Josiah because I ended up with him while Bret took the big boys to do some other stuff for a little while. The boys were all so self-sufficient, and managed their tickets just right to still have four at the end to do the bounce house, and two leftover for cotton candy and drinks. Fun, fun, with bigger kids isn't bad at all! :) And hopefully we raised a lot of money for the school, too!
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Bonnie said...

So Awesome!! There's definitely joy in each season!