Wednesday, February 8, 2012


After the Pinewood Derby, Micah and Josiah were both very upset that they didn't get trophies like Conner did. And Bret, who normally balks at the "let's give everyone a trophy because really we're all winners" thing, caved and promised to get trophies for the little brothers, too. My guess is that it was probaby because he worked just as hard (really, even harder) on those silly little cars as the boys did, and he was willing to do anything he had to for them to be proud of their cars. But anyway, whatever the reason, he was committed to getting two more trophies.

The next day, Bret went to the trophy store, only to find it closed. And the next time he went by, it was closed again. The hours were just not very convenient for him and he just kept forgetting. So Micah made a reminder for him on a sticky note in the van:
(Yes, he spelled trophy "chrofe." Love it!! :)

Well, anyway...the reminder was in the van...which I drive, not Bret still kept forgetting...and I kept seeing the cutest and funniest little reminder every Josiah and I ended up going to get the trophies. He was so excited, and as is often the case, the people in the little store were immediately charmed. So when we picked out the trophies, made the order for the inscriptions, scheduled to come pick them up in a few days, and ended up walking out the door without them, it was more than this little guy who was hungry and tired from running errands all day could take. He cried and cried and cried. Loud enough that the man in the store came out with some candy to try to cheer him up - and even that didn't do the trick. Poor little guy!

After a drive through the Taco Bell across the street and a nap, he "miraculously" got over it though! He told Micah the good news, and we anxiously awaited Tuesday-trophy-pick-up day. And finally yesterday was the day. He was still so, so very excited. This isn't a posed picture, he was actually hugging and kissing the trophy!

Then on the way home he fell asleep, and when I carried him in the house, I realized that he was still holding on to that trophy. After school when Micah saw his, he was equally excited - I hardly ever get grins like that for the camera!

Micah's trophy says, "The Deadliest Car." (He painted skulls on his car.) And Josiah's trophy says, "The Hottest Car." (He painted flames on his.)

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! Bret, I'm kind of glad you caved. These may be a couple of the best and most memorable $6 purchases we've ever made! :)

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Bonnie said...

Wow! I believe those may be the proudest owners of trophies I've ever seen! Over the years, they will be even more precious to those guys because YOU gave them. And I can hear them saying, "They're REAL gold!", too! :)