Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Runner's Club

Conner and Micah decided to participate in Runner's Club at their school this year. After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the kids go out and run or walk around the track for about 30 minutes. They keep track of how many laps they've run (about 4.5 laps = 1 mile), and then at the end of each semester the child who's run the farthest gets some kind of little prize.

I've enjoyed it - I get to walk a couple of laps with them (as Josiah stays out of mischief and lets me!), and I've gotten to know some of Conner's and Micah's friends, and some of the teachers and parents, too.

Josiah loves Runner's Club. Every afternoon when we pull up to the school he asks if it's a "Wunnah's Cwub" day. Then as soon as we get to the track, he takes off and runs a lap, whether the other kids are out there yet or not.

After the first lap he usually slows down to a walk, interrupted here and there with a growl at a girl, or a spurt of running when he gets close to a brother or someone else he knows. Then usually after two laps he's done and retreats to the swings and then the playground.

I usually wait to start my first lap until Conner or Micah come by, and I try to walk with them (no running for me! ;) for a few minutes and see how their day was. They're done with me pretty soon after that and then run to catch up with their friends. After a couple of laps I join Josiah at the swings, where I get to just watch. When he comes by, Conner usually just glances at us, occasionally says hi again. He's usually too busy talking with friends to talk to us much though.

Micah usually gives us a big grin though, even stops to make sure we see him. :)

...and then he takes off to catch up with his friends.

It's really just a great mix of getting a little fresh air and being outside, getting a little exercise, talking with Conner and Micah, watching them with their friends, and hanging out with Josiah. And sometimes I get to see Conner and Micah being brothers and good friends. Warms a mama's heart!

Every time the kids finish a lap, they get a stamp on their hand. Then as they leave, they record how many they got. Conner and Micah always like to compare their numbers!

At the end of last semester, Micah had 23.15 miles, and Conner had 15.7. (Conner goes to Math Club on Thursdays, so Micah gets to get a lot more laps in!)

Good job, boys! I'm so proud of you for making healthy choices and encouraging the rest of us to be healthy with you. You are good examples, keep up the good work!
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Bonnie said...

Gotta say I really enjoyed being a part of and watching "the guys" participate when you were having your tonsillectomy this past Fall. Kudos to whoever got the Runners Club started at their school. Just a great way to promote fitness for the whole family! I also enjoyed watching the boys interact with friends and each other. Congratulations to ALL of you for making such good choices!