Saturday, February 25, 2012

A "Real" Artist

Micah is my artist. For a couple of years now, he has loved arts and crafts. He has developed a lot of confidence and a real identity as an artist. One of the things that Micah wanted for his birthday was some "real" artist supplies. Since that's one of those gifts that are just better when bought for yourself, Gammie and Poppy hooked him up with some cash to go shopping!

We wanted to do this shopping trip right, and make sure that we had enough time for Micah to do some looking around and make good decisions. So Micah has been very patient for the last couple of weeks, waiting for a good time for his daddy to take him to Hobby Lobby. And finally, today was the day!

I hear Micah was a very good shopper, managing to stay within his budget, with only 26 cents left to spare. :) He got some acryllic paint, some good paint brushes of all different sizes and angles, and an easel. This all went very well with some good artist pencils, a real sketch book, and some canvases that he had gotten from Aunt Jodi, Uncle Robert, Bonnie, BooBoo, and Yogi.

He was sooooo excited to show me when he got home. And I was sooooo excited that we were having a lazy kind of Saturday so that he was able to just dig right into all of it! :)

...and of course, Little Brother was right there watching and cheering him on...

...until he decided it was time to get out his own paints.

...and then Big Brother got his out, too!

Ready to see the first two masterpieces??

Little Blue Monster:

And a self-portrait. (We don't know why he wrote his name backwards, or even he's even realized that he did. He doesn't usually do that!)

Micah, we are so excited with you about your "real" artist supplies! It's pretty awesome to have all that stuff, because you know what? You are a real artist. We're so proud of you!
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Bonnie said...

Hooray for art! And for confidence! You are a super artist, Micah! (I'm somehow not surprised that your first picture was Little Blue Monster. Great choice!