Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oral Defense

Bret and I were students at ACU when we got married. Bret went straight to grad school from there...and a BS, MA, MDiv equivalency, work towards a DMin, and over eleven years later...he's just about FINISHED!

He's completed all of his Doctor of Ministry coursework, completed his doctoral project, written a dissertation about it, edited that book about a kajillion times...and today he defended it. Basically that means that he stood in front of a group of men and women - professors and advisors from his classes and field work - and presented his project.

They had been walking this last leg of the journey with him, and had spent hours tediously poring over his dissertation. After the presentation they were given an opportunity to present any critiques or challenges or editing changes - to point out anything that they found to be of less than superior thought and quality.
Here he is in his little corner room preparing his presentation.
Following the presentation and defense, one of four things can happen: 1) you are sent away with a list of changes to make (most common), 2) you pass, 3) you pass with honors, or 4) you pass with highest honors. And yes, hear me bragging when I say that my man passed with highest honors on all accounts!! He looked like he was about to pop as his advisor shook his hand and said, "Congratulations, Dr. Wells." Woooooohoooooo!!!!!

I guess it's not completely official yet - he still has to print his 251 page book on some kind of special archival quality paper. Twice. (And in case you were wondering, that's $75 worth of paper...which about caused me to blow a gasket...until I put it in perspective with what we've already spent on this thing and what it's worth!) And he still doesn't have that fancy piece of paper that you put in a big ol' frame and hang on the office wall behind your desk. (Or the office to put it in.) And he still gets to strut his stuff across the stage on May 12th. But compared to what all has gone into this, what's left is nothing but technicalities. I mean, after all, the head honcho addressed him as Dr. Wells this afternoon. So as far as I'm concerned, Dr. Wells it is. (And Josiah's proud of his "Dr. Dad," too! :)

So we splurged on steaks for dinner, and I'm not sure who was happier - the boys enjoying their very own little sirloins, or Bret (who hadn't stopped smiling since the "Dr. Wells" handshake this afternoon) enjoying the boys enjoying their steaks.

Congratulations, Dr. Wells. I'm so incredibly proud of you! (And so incredibly relieved to be tasting the light at the end of the tunnel!) I can't wait to see what you do with all this high fa-lutin' book learnin' ya got yerself.
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Bonnie said...

Oh, my! We are all so proud of Bret...or Dr. Bret! ..and we're proud of the sweet family that has supported him and encouraged him over the years!
Congratulations Dr. Wells!
Congratulations Mrs. Dr. Wells and the Dr. WellsBros!