Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras

Today was Mardi Gras, so of course that means our annual celebration - beads, jambalaya, and King Cake with Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert. This was my first year to make the jambalya (instead of Bret, as usual), and I think it actually turned out okay! For the first time ever, the kids even ate it!

I still think it's so weird to hide a little plastic baby in the cake. Especially when you cute into the cake and find this. We still think it's fun though, and keep doing it! (Thanks, Mom, for making the cake for us!)

Micah dug and dug for that baby, thinking surely it was in his piece.

...but it was Josiah who found the baby this year. (After I pretended not to see it while cutting the cake.) And of course, Conner yanked it away from him and claimed it...

Thanks for celebrating with us, Bishops!!

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Bonnie said...

I'm very impressed that Josiah isn't crying in that picture of Conner claiming the baby! (Or maybe the realization hadn't sunk in yet??) ...and I'm thinking your family is really growing up since you only "planted" 1 baby this year. If I remember correctly, you used to plant multiple babies so each kiddo could retrieve one... and yes, the picture of the half-baby IS disturbing!! :)

Good traditions! and just made me think of why God commanded the Passover. I'm sure the "story" of your living there is retold ... or at least remembered... and probably the reason(s) that took you there....

Rachel said...

Yes, Josiah was surprising sweet about Conner snatching that baby!!

And yes, we do try to talk about all the reasons we celebrate each year... :)