Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the Air!

Happy Valentines Day from the Wellsbrothers! We hope your day was filled with as much love and fun as ours!

We were all about making our Valentines this year, so we spent last weekend making super heroes out of lollipops, a cute and fun little idea I found on Pinterest. The boys immediately fell in love with these little guys, and are VERY excited about them:

We also made special treats for our teachers. ("Shooting for brownie points")

And cards for our grandparents.

And special treats for my students.

Then we started off today with HUGE strawberries with our pancakes.

I got all kinds of cookies and chocolates from my class, and a special delivery from Bret - to whom my kids referred to as "The Valentine Man" for the rest of the day. Josiah was so proud that his dad was The Valentine Man, it was hilarious - like he had figured out that his daddy was actually the Tooth Fairy or something. What kind of a crazy idea is that?! ;)

Then we had our preschool Valentine party. Josiah was soooooo proud to give superhero lollipops to his friends!

Conner and Micah had all kinds of loot when I picked them up from Runners Club, too. But the funniest part was that Conner was standing in the middle of all these girls, while they argued about whose boyfriend he was. And according to Micah, one of them actually was Conner's "Valentine" for the day. Ohhhh...I'm not ready for this...

I'm so happy to have spent the day with my loves!!

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Bonnie said...

You're such a good memory-making mom! Sounds like it couldn't have been more perfect day! (All your preparations and research were worth it!) Love you; love your boys!!