Thursday, February 9, 2012


When we signed Conner up for basketball and asked Micah if he'd like to play too, he said that he would rather do something else, like karate or gymnastics. They love Little Gym birthday parties, but the classes are just too expensive. But we were actually able to find something else that was do-able - the description read, "...the course ranges from marital arts fundamentals to skills similar to tumbling to action skills. In addition to developing coordinatation and agility, this exciting and fun course teaches children to be more self confident and disciplined in their daily lives." Sounded perfect for what he was wanting!

We signed him up a couple of months ago, and in the meantime he started telling us that he didn't want karate lessons anymore. Because he didn't need them. Because he's already good enough to be a Black Belt. :) We finally convinced him that he should go - it would be fun to practice. And we were right - a few minutes in the class, and he was in love!

There is a lot of stretching...

...and some tumbling. Their forward flips are to be done without their heads touching the mat. Micah is one of the only kids who can do that without help!

The back flips are pretty crazy - you're supposed to throw your legs over your shoulder so that no weight or pressure on your neck. Once again, Micah is the class star - he caught on quickly and is now already a pro!

Last night after the tumbling, they got to start learning how to do the "figher's stance." Not really that exciting in itself - just a way to stand...but the excitement is all in the name! :)

Micah, as usual, we're so proud of you for knowing what you want and being decisive. We can't wait to see what all you will learn in karate! ...and please remember not to use it on your brothers!!! post signature

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Bonnie said...

Ah! What a little champ! He has always been the one wanting to do exercises and keep fit. He's a remarkable kid! Love you, Micah Man! :)