Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's a Small World

Glen Rose Elementary (where I grew up, where Mom used to teach, and now subs) has begun to have an annual "learning event." It's a pretty big deal and they go all out, but we've never gotten to go...until this year!

This time the theme was "It's a Small World." When we got to Mom's and Dad's a little while before it started, Mom had the table all set up with bags for the boys to decorate and then put all their "souveneirs" in. I was pretty proud of how good Conner and Micah did..and Josiah...well, at least he wrote his name! :)

Everything was set up to be like an airport. There was a tunnel to walk through in order to enter the "terminal," complete with a "metal detector!" From there, the school was full of different "gates," each with an exhibit for a different country, and most including a special regional snack and/or craft or activity. I know there are lots of pictures, and I know that most of them aren't really all that great, but they helped me remember what all we did. (And when/if we have to do any reports on countries in the future, maybe I'll remember to come back here and get some ideas!

In Sweden we "skiied" down the Swiss Alps, and then enjoyed some hot chocolate.

In Israel we learned about how things float in the Dead Sea, and got to have some Dead Sea Salt lotion.

In Jamaica, we played a Rain Stick, steel drum, and ate fresh pineapple.

In Germany we learned how to "tie" pretzels with pipe cleaners. (And got to eat some, too!)

In India we got some "henna tattoos" and ate some crackers and some kind of dip with curry.

In Czechoslovakia we got to eat some kolaches, and "paint" eggs.

In Russia, we got to make matryoshka dolls out of styrofoam cups.

In Mexico we made tissue paper flowers.

We stopped off in the savannah for Safari Refreshments.

In Holland we ate cheese and made windmills.

In Australia we had Fairy Cakes (bread with honey butter and sprinkles - what they have at parties instead of cupcakes) and made boomerangs.

In Uganda we learned how to make paper beads.

In China we learned how to write "good luck" in Chinese, and what year we were born in. Conner was born in the year of the ram, Micah was born in the year of the dog, and Josiah was born in the year of the rat.

In England we got to go into a castle. Inside it was inspired by Harry Potter - there were all kinds of potion ingredients. And all of the kids got a magic drink - when the water was poured into your glass, whatever color it was said something about you. Conner and Micah's turned red, meaning bravery. Josiah's turned blue, meaning wisdom. (Conner was quite upset that Josiah got wisdom and he didn't. :)

...and that was all we had time for. An hour and a half just wasn't enough time to see it all! We were quite upset that we didn't get to visit Egypt and Brazil...but were so excited about all of the things we did get to do. Thanks for inviting us, BooBoo! We had tons of fun and learned a lot!

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Bonnie said...

Oh, how fun to re-live the event! I enjoyed it so much that I shared the email with my principal and my teacher-friend Michelle! Thanks so much for making the effort to come!