Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Micah!

Happy birthday to my sweet Micah-Man!!! I know I say it every year, but I just can't believe you're getting so big. No matter how big you get, how wonderfully green your eyes get, how much darker your hair gets - you know you'll always be my blue-eyed, cotton-headed baby, right?

Okay, okay...enough of my reminiscing! Let's talk about your (long and drawn out!) 6th birthday celebration!

Several weeks ago, Micah decided that he wanted to have a Little Blue Monster birthday. (Little Blue Monster is a character that he has created and written (by himself!) a series of books about.) I told him that I would try to make a cake with Little Blue Monster on it, but he needed to promise not to get upset if I didn't get him just right. "No Mom," he said. "You just make the cake. I'm gonna decorate it." Okay! Sounds like a plan to me!!

Micah is very good at knowing exactly what he wants. In this case, it was strawberry cake, in a rectangle shape. And we had to make two - one to take to BooBoo's house (Bret and I had a Mission Alive Celebration dinner that we had to go to last night, so the boys got to go to Yogi and BooBoo's and celebrate.) And then another one to eat at his Peter Piper Pizza birthday party with Bret's family and some friends. But when we went to pick out the plates and napkins to take to school with cupcakes (we had to buy those (school rules), he ended up deciding that he wanted to take a Pokemon cake to Peter Piper Pizza.

Well...Thursday night, birthday eve, came. We went a picked out cupcakes for school, finished homework, ate dinner, took showers, and Bret and Conner went to Cub Scouts. Finally it was time to decorate the cakes! As I was sure he would - Micah did an exceptional job. He drew Little Blue Monster. (Yes, we're using the sophisticated cake-decorating tools of Ziplock baggies. They work just as well for me as the more expensive Wilton stuff!)

Then he had me "color in the lines" and write the words. Josiah really, really, really wanted to help, so Micah was generous enough to let him dot the i in "little." :) Here's the finished product. I'm amazed!!

By then though, he was tired. And after all, Rugrats was on tv. "Mom, you can do the Pokemon one by yourself. Here's the guy I want on it." What?! I thought you were doing this! "No, that's ok. I'll let you do the other one." (As though he were being extremely generous!) So I sat down and started trying to draw freehand with a ziplock baggie. Uggh. When I finished, thankfully he was very complimentary. But it needed some more decorations. "How about some sixes?" he said. "One in the middle and one on each side." 3 sixes? Yikes! How about 6 sixes, I suggested. "Sure, that'll be good," he quickly agreed. Phew!

Then on Friday morning I woke my big 6-year-old up to get ready for bed. We had his birthday request - pig in a blankets - for breakfast. And he got to open a few presents, too!

A little while later, Josiah and I went and picked up a pepperoni pizza sandwich for him from Subway and went to eat lunch with him at school. When he came into the lunch room, he was beaming in his class's birthday crown. Hilarious!

After school we sent the boys off to BooBoo and Yogi's. Griffin and Lydia were there, too. They had the requested birthday dinner - pizza, macaroni and cheese, and blackberries. And there were more presents! One of them was also the evening entertainment - the movie Mr. Popper's Penguins!

Mom sent some pictures. She was so sweet to fix them all up scrapbook-style!

(Josiah and Griffin had matching pj's. Thanks, Bubba!)
On Saturday morning we met Dad to pick up the boys, and had lunch with him at Whataburger. Then we went to meet Gammie, Poppy, Uncle Kevin, Aggie, Kaleb, and Kallie for Conner's basketball game! They were great cheerleaders!

And great dancers, too!


 Conner's game was good (even if it was a little rough) - he even scored!

Then we had some ice cream at Braum's...

Then (finally!) it was time for Peter Piper Pizza!!!!! Tokens and games and tickets and pizza and cake and presents and prizes, oh my!!!

When it was all over, and the kids were loaded up with party blowers and swords and candy, Gammie and Poppy and the crew headed home. Rachel and Hudson went on to finish their day, and Ian came home with us for a sleepover! There were many, many Ninja sword fights before we settled down to playing some board games!

And then after dinner, they watched Mr. Popper's Penguins. And after that, the three older boys (Josiah had fallen asleep) decided to watch The Smurfs. Our big birthday boy fell asleep not long after that...and then Conner cuddled up with me on the couch and was out...and when Ian realized that everyone else was asleep, he asked if he could go to bed now, too. :) They were all zonked by 10:30. Not too bad!!!

...and now they're up playing wii. And our church will be over to worship in a little while, so I guess I should start getting ready for that! Happy birthday, sweet Micah. I'm so thankful to be your mama!!

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Bonnie said...

Now that is one birthday that has been perfectly tied up with a bow! (and documented! Good job, mom!) and Happy Birthday again Micah-moo-who--graduated -to- Micah-man!

Rachel said...

thanks for inviting us and having ian sleep over - he LOVED it!! we'll have to have your boys over soon ;)