Saturday, February 18, 2012

So Long, Cougars!

 Today was Conner's last basketball game. He only played seven games, but he has learned and grown so much! It's been really fun to watch. He started off timid and rather anxious to get rid of the ball when he got it...and (although he still has a little bit of trouble understanding some of the how's and where's of getting open), he's developed into a helpful team mate who has a pretty good little stick-out-your-booty-and-back-the-defense-up-under-the-goal-and-shoot move that works most of the time. And in this last game he mastered the come-up-from-behind-and steal-the-ball-on-the-dribble-without-fouling defensive move. I lost count of how many steals he had today!

And my favorite part - he's had so much fun through it all. Sure, he sometimes forgot he was playing basketball and ended up playing tag with his friends in the middle of the game. And usually, the hide-behind-your-defense-and-pop-out-suddenly move isn't really helpful to your team mates. And when you're busy telling your own little fan club how surprised you are because you are impressed with the skills of the new man you're guarding this quarter ("Wow, that little one is fast!"), they usually get away and score. But he was always smiling. In my eyes, it was the perfect first basketball season for him.

His team had a party at Peter Piper Pizza this afternoon after the game. And then later today there was a celebration with a magic show for all of the teams.

I took a lot of video this game...

It's only half-court defense in Upward basketball. Here Conner is taking it upon himself to remind the defense to get back. :)

Here's his post move...

And here, that shoe that he can never seem to tie tight enough just flew off. I'm so sad that I turned the camera off just as he looked up at us and grinned.

...and a score after a rebound...

...and, though he didn't actually get the steal here, you get the idea...

I've written a couple of posts about basketball, and have posted several pictures already, but I thought I'd put some of my favorite pictures of Conner and his fans here, (including a few that Mom doctored up), just so they'll all be together somewhere. 
Pre-game running through the "tunnel"
We all kind of got hooked on sour much that BooBoo started making sure we had some for every game!
This is the hide-behind-your-defense-and-pop-out-suddenly move. :)
("Wow, that little one is fast!")
The tip-off!
"Go Conner!!!!"

We're so proud of you, ConnerBug. I can't wait to see what all you learn at basketball camp next summer! post signature

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Bonnie said...

a year...(or a season) review... Awesome! We really are proud of you, Conner! You have grown a lot and are really learning to put those basketball camp skills to good use!