Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Year...

Today was my birthday. It was pretty low-key - pretty much the way I like it! :) Bret works a night security job on Sunday nights, and is gone from about 6pm to about 7:30am. So it was just me and the crazies last night at dinner/bath/bedtime.

Micah was so sweet. As they were getting ready for bed he asked, "So where do you keep your pajamas, Mom?" I told him, and then he asked which ones were my favorites. I told him that my favs were dirty, which of the clean ones I liked next best, and then busied myself with cleaning up the kitchen. A few minutes later, Micah was standing there with some of my pink flannels. "Here you go Mom. It's time for you to go to bed." Thinking it was very sweet of him - and loving the idea of flannel jammie pants instead of jeans - I went and changed. When I came back into the kitchen, Micah was very upset with me. "I told you it was time to go to bed. I thought you were going to sleep!" I explained that I couldn't do that yet since they were still up and running wild...but then saw that he was working on some kind of art project that he was trying to hide. Putting two and two together, I praised and thanked him for his sweetness, and told him that I promised not to look, but I had to finish helping Josiah brush his teeth and start the laundry and stuff. He was visibly disappointed, but accepted my compromise.

A few minutes later, Micah brought me a birthday necklace that he had just made - pink to match my pajamas. He immediately had me teared up - that kid is so very sweet and thoughtful.

Then this morning was a blur. Lydia and Griffin brought me goodies, and during the ten minutes after Bret got home and before he took the big boys to school, I got some sweet cards, a gift card, and an apology that the "real" gift hadn't come in the mail yet. :) And later in the day I opened some birthday mail (with more goodies inside!), played outside with Josiah and Griffin,

and got another birthday necklace.

(And don't forget the monster goodies I had already gotten! :)

After dinner - and after we finally got the boys to eat enough of their broccoli - they helped me blow out the candles on my Mississippi Mud cake...

...and when we went to cut it, we found that some green "sprinkles" had mysteriously appeared. Eeeewww! (But we ate it anyway! ;)

What a nice birthday I had, wonderfully spoiled throughout the day by my favorite people. I can't wait 'til that "real" birthday package comes in the mail! Conner tells me it's some craft stuff for my silhouette!!!

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Bonnie said...

Beautiful memories! Again, I'm so happy you have a way to preserve these memories so efficiently and have taken advantage of that opportunity!