Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sully and Chickie Sleepover

At kindergarten, Micah and his friends have class pets - a teddy bear named Sully (presumably a nickname of sorts for his teacher, Mrs. Sullivan), and a little chick named Chickie. Sully and Chickie live in a backpack, and have a journal. Each night a different student gets to bring them home, and write about their adventures in the journal. Conner's class had a Tigger that did the same thing, it was something that Micah had been kind of hoping for. :) So we were all very excited to see that Micah had the Chickie and Sully backpack with him again after school yesterday!

This is the 4th time that they have come home with Micah. In just 5ish months, it's pretty cool to look back at Micah's journal entries and see how far his writing has come along. Here's his entry from September:
He would NOT do the writing himself, wouldn't even try some of the words. Which was fine - we just wanted to make sure and give him the option! It says, "I went to Cub Scouts with Sully and Chickie. I had a lot of fun. We did marshmallow catapults, pinewood derby, water-bottle rockets, and balloon rocket races. I want Sully and Chickie to come home again soon."

Then they came home with him again during the first part of October. This time he wrote some of the words himself!
It says, "We tied knots and everyone got to eat a little m&m at Cub Scouts. Before that me and Dad grilled fish for dinner. Chickie and Sully had a lot of fun!

And then they came home with him again in November. This time he wrote all of the words by himself!
"We went to the school board meeting. They honored the Reading Bee champs. Then we went to Braum's and we ate ice cream!"

And then last night it was late. We had already done a lot of homework. He was ready to go to bed. And he had only very reluctantly taken them along with him to basketball practice. (He's decided - no surprise here, especially coming from Micah - that it's a little embarrassing to for an almost-six-year-old to carry around a couple of stuffed animals...) So he decided that he would write two words, and then I could write two words. :)
"Sully and Chickie went to Conner's basketball practice. And Conner threw Chickie. It went in my hands. And Sully ate all my food."

As I look back though, I feel a little guilty. All of the fun activities that Micah got to go do with Sully and Chickie were actually Conner's activities. :( That's just the way it fell, I guess. And such is the life of a little brother...

Fun, fun, fun! We can't wait until you sleep over again, guys! Maybe next time we'll make sure that you get to do something special just for Micah.
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Bonnie said...

Wow! Very awesome that you get to look back and see Micah's growth like that! He is definitely a learner that is blooming beautifully! Micah's got his special activity coming up....maybe Sully and Chickie WILL get to participate. L)