Wednesday, January 4, 2012

San Antokyo Night

The boys have been talking about sushi a lot lately. What exactly is it, and can we try some soon? Please????? Well, they finally wore Bret down and last night he came home with a little bit of sushi for them to try. Besides, he's all about them learning to like foods that he really likes - that way he gets to have them more! ;)

First things first though - sushi was meant to be eaten with chopsticks. So we had a quick (and kind of frustrating) lesson in chopstick operation.
(Yes, you see Ramen noodles on the table, too...just in case they didn't actually like the sushi!)

Bret got several different kind of sushi, hoping there would be at least one they would like. I guess we're raising them with a better knowledge of the cities around the world than just the big ones here in Texas - Micah just could NOT remember that the kind he liked was called a San Antonio roll. He kept saying San AnTokyo instead. Hilarious!

He was a little unsure at first, and closely inspected his first piece, wanting to know what each little different colored thing was. But he ended up eating several pieces.

Conner kept trying to use those chopsticks...but quickly abandoned them when we finally told him that he really didn't have to use them.

Josiah had a lot of fun with his chopsticks. He tried two tiny bites of sushi...and then ate an entire bowl of Ramen with them, one noodle at a time.

Bret, thanks for "cooking" dinner last night. And wellsbrothers, thanks for being so willing to try something new. Micah, I think "San Antokyo Night" will live in infamy!
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Bonnie said...

Sounds like a fun night! ...and, like date night or family game night, worth repeating! (just maybe not every week!)

Rachel said...

i am so impressed!! i can't get my boys to try sushi ;) maybe if i tell them their bffs like it then it will be "cool" enough to try ;)

Gammie said...