Monday, January 30, 2012

The Rocket in the Living Room

For Christmas, Griffin got Josiah a huge color-your-own cardboard rocket ships. No really, it was huge. At least five feet long. You get the idea here. It just about took up about half of our little living room.

Josiah was very excited about it, and we got it out within a few days of getting it. Everyone helped color it.

Micah, artsy-fartsy Micah, even added a window with a view of an alien on another planet. (But I don't have any idea why he was making that face!)

And then they played and played and played in that thing - hide-and-seek, stuffed animals, blocks, you name it. Except space travel - I don't know that they every really pretended that the rocket was actually a rocket! :) Griffin excitedly joined in the fun on the days he was here, too!

But...after a month-long landing in our living room, the rocket has just about seen enough. It's barely holding itself together. And I'm ready to have the living room back. (There's no way it would fit in any of our other tiny rooms.) And the boys aren't playing in it quite as much. In fact, about a week ago Micah said, "Mom, when are you gonna take that rocket away? I'm ready to have the living room back so that we can play karate." ("Karate" has been temporarily outlawed in our half-living room until the rocket goes away.) "I haven't played karate since 2011!" :)

So last night I somehow managed to get the rocket out the backdoor. I didn't completely dismantle it - I wasn't sure what the reaction would be, and if it was bad, wanted to be able to offer to let them play in it outside. (Until it rains, anyway!)

Goodbye rocket. You provided many adventures and lots of entertainment! Thank you Griffin, for such a fun Christmas present!

**Tuesday update - Josiah noticed that the rocket was gone during the night when he got up to go to the bathroom. And he was very upset. It looks like the rocket will be going out with a bang in the yard for a few days!
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Bonnie said...

MIcah's comment of "I haven't played karate since 2011!" made me laugh out loud! Leave it to our artsy guy to include a little math into the conversation...He is a math robot, you know! :) know, space exploration just isn't a very big part of conversation now days...
But, yes, Griffin dun good in getting that for Josiah! Lots of imaginative opportunities...