Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quail Harvest

One of the things that the boys got to do while at BooBoo and Yogi's house over the Christmas break was help Yogi with the quail "harvest." He buys quail eggs, incubates them, and then raises them from hatchlings until they're ready to be eaten. Awhile back, Conner got to help Yogi "dissect" a chicken (he wanted to learn about the body the same way Leonardo Da Vinci did, and they were all excited to get to learn some more.

I'm glad that these boys seem to be finding a balance in how to love animals. They are always very sad when one of their pet fish die. They seem to understand that the fish are pets and we have them to love them. Yet, while they enjoy looking at and taking care of some of Yogi's animals (like the quail), they understand that we have those animals so that we can eat them; that's one of the main reasons God made animals.

So Conner caught the quail and brought them to Yogi.
And then, at Josiah's request, everyone got to "soft" the quail one last time.

...and then Yogi did the deed, the boys got little anatomy lessons, and the quail went to the freezer to be eaten some day soon. 
It's been obvious that Josiah has recently learned a little bit about anatomy. Several times Josiah has been concerned that (when they're fighting - lovely, I know...) Micah is going to "kick my bladder out." (I've learned that quail don't have bladders, but apparently bladders came up sometime during the experience!)

Also, Josiah has informed me that, "Mom, your heart is full of love for your family. But the quail's heart is still beeping." :) Obviously, the anatomy lesson began very quickly...

Thank you, Yogi, for providing experiences like this, and to Gammie and Poppy for helping us get started with our pet fish. We're so thankful and proud that the wellsbrothers are getting such great opportunities to learn about so many of the reasons that God blessed us with animals!
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Bonnie said...

One of the cool things about getting to be around when Yogi does these things with the boys is that I get to learn something, too!