Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby was last night! The boys each got a box containing a block of wood and some nails and wheels before Christmas. So we've been working on pinewood derby cars for about a month now.

Each of the boys started off with a plan.

Then they spent some time with Bret tweaking and finalizing their plans, making them a little more feasible and aerodynamic.

Then we waited for a time when someone's band saw was available to cut the wood. It was super-exciting when Conner came home from a Cub Scout meeting with all of the cars cut into their shapes! Then we sanded. And sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded. Believe it or not, Josiah gets the prize here for the most diligent sander!

Then it was time to drill holes for the weights. That mostly fell under Bret's responsibility. I came home from school one day and found him at the kitchen table like this. (Someday. Someday, we'll have a garage...)

Josiah wanted to help, so he went and got his own little tool box. :) Yes, there were a couple of nights in there that we didn't even try to make or eat dinner at home!

Conner was very excited to get to help with the drill!

And Micah, bless his heart, was equally excited to help with the dustbuster.

Then it was time to prime...

and finally, it was time to PAINT!!!

And then we kind of started getting into a time crunch, during a week of crazy amounts of homework...and I didn't get pictures of stenciling the designs on (I made the stencils from vinyl on my silhouette!), spraying on the clear coat, adding the wheels, or perfecting the weights. It's ok though - there are plenty of pictures of them working on it up to that point!

Here's the final products. Micah and Josiah ended up deviating from their original plans quite a bit!

When it was finally time to go to the race today, Josiah was ready with his tools and tool belt, "just in case somebody needs some help!" Love that kid, spaghetti on his face and all!

Conner got to race his car first.

I'm loving that I've figured out how to do digital video now! :)

Conner and his car, "The Wolfmobile," ended up getting third in his den. That meant that we got to stay for him to race in the finals!

He also won "Best Use of Decal." Those vinyl stencils worked so good that everyone thought the paint was stickers! :)

Conner's little car didn't last long in the finals. Most of the younger, more inexperienced kids' cars don't. But he hung in there for several races!

And after the finals was the Open Class competition. There aren't as many rules here - siblings and parents can enter cars. And the cars can have special wheels and axles that aren't allowed in the regular Cub Scout competition. They only have to meet the size and weight requirements. Bret went ahead and made Micah and Josiah's by the regular Cub Scout rules though. It was good experience!

Micah's and Josiah's hung in there for a little while.

(By this time it was after 9pm. Josiah was so very tired!)

But eventually, Josiah and "The Fireman" got two x's and were out.

And then Micah and "The Skull" got two x's and were out. He fought those tears so hard!

...but being done meant that they finally got to play with those silly cars!!!!

...until they got in trouble. They weren't supposed to roll the cars on the floor because the graphite used in the wheels messes up the floor. I didn't know that it messed up the bleachers, too. Sorry guys...

Conner, Micah, and Josiah we are so very proud of you!!! And I'm proud of your daddy, too - and all the time and patience and work and patience he put into this for and with you!

...but I'm happy to reclaim the kitchen now! :)
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Bonnie said...

Man! That's quite an accomplishment to get 3 cars designed, made, and raced! Congratulations to all the Wells family!
...and happy kitchen-ing Rachel!