Monday, January 2, 2012

Pet Funeral

A few of weeks ago, our pet crabs and one of our fish died. We're not real sure what happened - but we suspect that the temperature finally began dropping outside, thus it began dropping inside as we adjusted to our normal now-we're-running-the-heater-instead-of-the-air-conditioner-temperature, thus the water temperature dropped. (No...we're not using the heater that came with the aquarium...Conner's first fish did fine without one...maybe we'll try it if we get some more...)

The few times before that a fish has died, it's been sad but not really a huge deal. We've just flushed them. This time, however, the boys were heartbroken. These beloved pets simply had to be buried. But it was really cold and rainy and muddy outside at the time. So we put them in a baggie in the freezer (I know, ew!), with promises of a funeral when the weather got better.

Well...the weather finally got better...and the boys kept forgetting until it was bedtime or something. I remembered pretty much every time I went to get something out of the freezer (I know, ew!) - but it always seemed that when that happened, Bret either wasn't home, or I was in the freezer because I was in the middle of cooking dinner. And now Christmas has come and gone...and we finally remembered to have a funeral last night.

We picked a shovel, and then we walked down to the creek to pick the perfect spot. Bret dug a little hole,

we dumped poor little freezer-burned Snappy and Crabby and Ghost in the hole,

we shared some wonderful memories of our beloved pets,

and then we covered up the hole, put up the shovel, and went in and went to bed. May you rest in peace, Snappy, Crabby, and Ghost...
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Bonnie said...

Gotta love the tenderness of a child's heart! ...and thank you for taking their tenderness seriously. I know this will be a memory they'll talk about when they're adults...Yes, they'll probably laugh about it, but they will cherish the time you took to do it for them.

PS word verification: chili
Yes, it's an appropriate time for that kind of food, and your fb post this morning was about being able to see your breath in "chilly" weather...(Thanks, Josiah, for reminding us!)

Rachel said...

i'm so sad i never got to meet crabby and snappy and ghost (did i get all of those right?)
and i agree with your mom - i love that y'all took the time to value their life - they will too ;)