Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

The wellsbrothers started off the afternoon / evening with big plans. They were all going to stay up late, all the way until midnight. They were sooooo excited.

A little while before dinner they started trying to figure out what all they were going to do during all these extra hours that they were going to be awake. So they spent a little bit of time outside with Bret, watching him shoot his new bow.

When dinner was ready, they came in and ate lots of spaghetti, "for energy to help us stay awake!" Josiah, however, wasn't even quite finished with his spaghetti yet when he stopped and asked me if he could just go ahead and go to sleep. And sure enough, he was out around 6:30. I guess the late night with the Conners yesterday finally caught up. :)

Micah and Conner, however, were still wild and wooly. They sat down with a bowl of Christmas candy and watched Cars 2.

After that they went out and popped a few little fire crackers with Bret,

and then came in to play some Wii.

Not long after that, Micah gave up. "Forget it. I'm too tired." ...and he grabbed a blanket, laid down on the couch, and was out pretty much as soon as his eyes closed.

Conner though, was still hanging in there. I'm not real sure what all he did after that (because I got a little jealous of Micah, and followed his lead ;), but he and Bret woke me up just before midnight. Then Conner got to watch the ball drop for the first time, we whooped and hollered and celebrated, got our New Year's smooches, and went to bed. I'm telling you, we party hard around here. :)

Happy New Year from the wellsbrothers!!

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Gammie said...

Sounds like y'all brought the New Year in with style! Happy New Year!! We love y'all!!