Wednesday, January 18, 2012

N is for Name

There are some things that I really don't like about being Josiah's preschool teacher. But there are some things that are absolutely priceless. For example, I know that one of the big things I work with my three-year-olds on is learning to write their names. I know how much we talk about the letters and how to hold your crayon and how much we trace and practice at school. So when I see my own kid finally starting to not only care about it, but actually getting it, it's pretty rewarding.

Josiah has just blossomed over the past couple of months. He's started caring about letters and what sounds they make and what they look like. He's interested in the words in books and on the signs we pass on the roads and asks about them. And he's been really into wanting to write his name all by himself.

Before preschool started this year, we had been working on writing "Joey." That's what most folks called him. But when he realized that he wasn't actually learning to write "Josiah," I was in BIG trouble. He wanted to learn to write "Josiah," not "Joey." And while we were at it, I went ahead and asked him what he wanted people to call him...and no surprise, he would actually like to be called "Josiah" instead of Joey. I explained that that was going to be very hard for me and asked him if it was okay if I messed up sometimes. He was very sweet about it. He said that "Joey" is fine, he just wants it to be "Josiah" most of the time. So over the past few months I've been trying to make the transition to "Josiah" being my default instead of "Joey" or "JoJo." I think I"m just about there!

Josiah has pretty much been able to write his name all by himself for several weeks now. He's just lacked the confidence. But yesterday, when we were learning about "N is for Name," he finally did it! He sat down and wrote his name without asking me which letter comes next, or how to make one of them. He started on the left and went to the right, and didn't get any of the letter backwards. Woohoo!!! Way to go, Josiah!!!

One of my favorite memories about teaching Josiah to write his name will be how he said it. Conner and Micah both just simply said their letters aloud as they were writing. Josiah, though, has "named" each of his letters with a descriptor to help him remember how to make it: "Down-then-up J, circle O, squiggly-wiggly S, line-dot i, circle-line a, and down-down-across H."

Josiah, buddy, you're getting so big...
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Bonnie said...

Oh, how I love that little dude! I'm so proud of/for him (and you)!Way to go, Mr. Josiah! You're on your way to unlocking the world!!