Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monsters in the Bathroom

I got to go shopping with my mother- and sister-in-law after Christmas. Pam spoils us...and we have fun letting her do it! ;) The main goal of the shopping is to get set for next Christmas with wrapping paper and bows and tags and all the other junk wonderful things you "need".

Well, when we were at Kohl's, I rounded a corner and saw something that literally made me stop in my tracks. They had the cutest bathroom stuff, perfect for my boys (who I had recently realized, though they hadn't complained about it yet, were probably outgrowing the current rubber duckie theme). Pam rounded the corner behind me and stopped, too. I didn't even have to say anything. She just looked at me and said, "Sweetie, I can get your birthday present a little early this year if you want." Yes, please!!!

...so I came home with all the stuff I needed to make the boys' bathroom a little more age-appropriate. I got it all put together one day while they were out, and their squeals of excitement upon seeing it were exactly what I had hoped. :) Isn't it cute?


Now, as cute as the shower curtain and toothbrush holder are, you must know that the best part is the wall art. I had big plans to try to make some monsters to that matched the ones on the shower curtain, to go in the frames that used to hold rubber duckies. But I hadn't done them yet, and until then just had some scrapbook paper in the frames. A few minutes after seeing the "new" bathroom, Micah brought me a picture of a monster that he had drawn. "This is for the frames," he said. "I knew they were empty because you wanted us to draw monsters for them." Of course I did!!! How had I not already thought of that?? So we got busy, and ended up with two monsters made by each kid. And I love it, much more than I would have if I'd done it myself.

Happy early-birthday to me! Thanks, Pam!
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Bonnie said...

Super, super cute and appropriate!
Gotta love that Micah-man who can figure out the things that you can't quite figure out yourself...
I do so like that some of the greatest creative-ness happens when things are quite the way you'd first planned (as in you didn't quite have it all the way ready ...) "Mistakes" often push us out of the "box".
Glad Pam can pamper you!

Anonymous said...

If you ever get rid of the toothbrush holder, i want to buy it from you! :) christinebentley@live.com