Friday, January 6, 2012

Micah Can Tie His Shoes!

Sometimes I get a little aggravated and frustrated with kindergarten homework. Some of it really is good stuff for Micah to be practicing, but it requires me sitting down and helping him. While I'm sitting down and helping Conner. While I'm making sure Josiah is busy doing something else - but it can't be anything involving the TV because that distracts the homeworkers. While I'm cooking dinner. And two days a week, while I'm entertaining Griffin. Forget about the kids, I'M exhausted by the time it's over.

But one of the things that Micah has had to be working on is tying his shoes. We've tried working on it before, even making it part of his homework. I have just failed in being consistent. And let's face it - there are lots of really cool shoes with velcro these days. My kids don't usually even want the shoes with laces. And it's hard for them to see the point if they don't even have laces on their shoes. And it's hard for me to stay motiviated if it's just something we should be doing...

Then just before Christmas, shoe-tying showed up in the life skill section of the homework paper. So we worked on it everyday. (Except over Christmas - we took a complete break from homework!) And we worked on it more every day this week...and by last night, Micah tied my shoe (yep, he had to use mine - he doesn't have any that tie!) three times in a row all by himeself. Woohoo!!!!

It happened pretty much the same way when Conner was in kindergarten. (I seem to remember that it took him a little longer though.) And when he got it down, we went to get ice cream at Braum's to celebrate. So we made plans to do the same tonight!

Way to go, Micah-Man!! We're so proud of you and how big you're getting! (Now we just have to find some ways to keep practicing every now and then so you don't forget... ;)

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Bonnie said...

Yay, Micah! Glad I was even able to SEE you do it! You're growing up on us, Mister!

Gammie said...

WooHoo Micah-man!! We are so proud of you!!