Thursday, January 26, 2012

Junior Firefighter

I had a ton of work to do the other day, so Josiah and I went to Chick-fil-a. I took my computer, and planned to let him play in the playground while I worked. (Hooray for Christmas gift cards! :) He was very excited. But when we pulled up into the parking lot and found a fire truck there, it was more excitement than he could contain. "Firefighters eat at Chick-fil-a??"

I explained that firefighters have to eat, too. And when he asked if they were eating hamburgers or cheeseburgers, I explained that they were probably eating chicken at Chick-fil-a. :) When we walked in, we found that they were sitting at a table near the register, and Josiah asked if he could talk to them while I ordered. Of course you can, sweet boy! (I'm pretty sure that they were some of the same guys that took us on the tour of the fire house with the Cub Scouts a few months ago, and then another time when we got to go help them wash the fire trucks with our church.)

Well...I don't exactly know what all was said - I only saw a lot of smiles and jumping - but the next thing I knew they were all asking if Josiah could go outside to see their truck. They said they hadn't seen anyone this excited about a fire truck in a long time. Once again, of course you can, sweet boy!

He ended up deciding to play shy once we were out there. But we did manage to get him in the driver's seat. (I had to let one of the firefighter lift him into it - I couldn't lift him that high!) He even got to turn on the lights all by himself.

Very cool. Well played, BFD! You've got a few fans here!
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Bonnie said...

Wow! What an exceptional treat...for Josiah and the firefighters! I know they appreciated being revered and honored by that little guy!