Friday, January 20, 2012

Golden Lion Tamarin Homework

Holy moly. We've been busy. We've added basketball practice and games for a few weeks, at the same time that we're working on cars for the pinewood derby. And then Conner comes home with an assignment for his first research report. On a mammal of his choosing. Some his friends chose animals like polar bears or raccoons. But not Conner. He chose a golden lion tamarin. What's that, you say? Well apparently, that's what his teacher said, too. She had to look it up before okaying the project!

So we've been poring over assignment sheets. (There were about 3 of them that came home, each of them listing something a little bit different that needed to be included. Yeah, ugggggh.) We've been going through books. We've been googling. We've been taking notes. And highlighting. And organizing. And writing. And rewriting. We even made a little donation to an organization working to save this endangered species and went to the zoo to try to observe the crazy little monkeys - and wouldn't you know they weren't out that day? But most importantly - learning. Right? (That's what I've been telling myself, anyway - especially when it's meant that dinner's late or the other kids are fighting because I've been busy with Conner for too long or it's a beautiful day outside but we have to be inside doing homework...)

It took working hard every day for two weeks, but we finally got that baby finished. All four pages. And at the last minute when we were double checking all the different places that had listings of things to include, we realized that we had forgotten an illustration. "Okay," said Conner, "no problem. I've already drawn a GLT. (That's what we've been calling them for short.) It's in my sketchbook in art."

But Conner, your paper is due tomorrow, and you don't have that to turn in tomorrow morning.

"Okay," he said again, "I'll draw one." And this is what he whipped up licketty split. Not too bad, huh?

We made sure it was in the backpack when he left this morning. Now if our little absent-minded professor mini-Bret will just remember to turn it in... ;) Glad that's done!! post signature

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Bonnie said...

I love that little face in the middle of Conner's drawing of the GLT! Also, I appreciate that he's has a bit of confidence in his artwork! ...also, those coloring strokes are pretty much all going the same way and if not, they're showing texture. Maybe coincidence, but I'm thinking his art teacher is doing a pretty swell job!
Good work ConnerBug! (You've not outgrown that name, have you? Hope not.)