Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun with Uncle Ira and Aunt Kelley

The last several times we've seen Ira and Kelley (probably Thanksgiving and Christmas), we keep saying that we need to get together. And then the kids hear us talking and tell Uncle Ira that it's been forever since they've been to his house - they can hardly remember what it looks like. And then I agree - after all, I haven't seen his house since Kelley got her hands on it after they got married! And then Bret hears us talking and agrees - he hasn't seen the fish tank that Ira made out of an antique tv. And the boys hear that and well...then it's settled - we do need to get together. But then we never pick a date...and's another casserole exchange or holiday before we see them again.

But finally, this week we made it happen! But Bret didn't get to come, so I guess we'll have to do it again sometime soon! The fish tank was very cool, just like we knew it would be. My brother is pretty awesome.

Their house looks fantastic. Ira had it looking good before Kelley came in - very nice and appropriate for a bachelor. And now she has definitely added her own feminine and beautifully creative touch.

Ira grilled hamburgers, the wellsbrothers impressed him with how much they could eat, we made ice cream sundaes (and Josiah had a little bit of ice cream with his sprinkles!), we played hide-and-seek, we played with glow necklaces, we played with our dog-cousin Charra, we played Risk, we watched Rio...and just had a wonderful time with family. Thanks, Uncle Ira and Aunt Kelley!
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Bonnie said...

Yes, I do have some awesome kids! So glad you all enjoy each other's company...and actually choose to be each other's company! Makes for a very blessed Mom and Dad!